Topics and Supported PhD Theses

If you are interested in a PhD thesis in Artificial Intelligence related fields such as Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, Configuration Systems, Intelligent Learning, and Diagnosis, please contact:

Andrei PopescuMachine Learning and Parallelization for Scalable Constraint Solving, since 2020.
Vietman LeIntelligent Techniques for Efficient Diagnostic Reasoning, since 2020.
Mathias UtaMachine Learning for Personalized Configuration and Reconfiguration, since 2018.
Ralph Samer Recommendation and Decision Technologies for Social Requirements Engineering, since 2017.
Seda Polat Erdeniz Recommendation & Configuration Technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), completed in 2019.
Amal ShehadehGamification-based E-Learning Environments, since 2016.
Trang TranRecommendation and Decision Support Techniques for Groups, completed in 2019.
Müslüm AtasGroup Decision Technologies for Complex Products and Services, completed in 2020.
Christoph UranIntelligent Configuration and Recommendation Technologies for IoT Environments, since 2016.
Martin StettingerIntelligent Technologies for Group Decision Making, completed in 2017.
Stefan ReitererPersonalization Technologies for Intelligent Systems Development, completed in 2016.
Gerald NinausRecommendation Technologies for Requirements Engineering, completed in 2016.
Florian ReinfrankIntelligent Techniques for Configuration Knowledge Base Development and Maintenance, completed in 2016.
Monika MandlConsumer Decision Modeling in Interactive Configuration, completed in 2012.
Monika SchubertCommunity-based Configuration and Re-Configuration, completed in 2011.
Erich TeppanPsychological Aspects in the Development of Knowledge-based Recommender Applications, completed in 2010.